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Neil Baller

Creative Director, Growth Hacker, Nascent Developer, Father, Cook. Let’s do this!

No substitution for hard work


A generic warehouse job grew into leading the design team for the largest wine & spirits retailer in the US. Getting things done was the currency of the realm.

Then, embracing the grind of a large marketing agency as a studio artist and art director, I learned from some of the most talented, hard working creative individuals on huge consumer brands.

A revelatory decade in the Silicon Valley crucible followed, working with supremely driven people. We did audacious things daily that are now considered normal. It was glorious. This taught me that repeatable results matter over process. As a mentor once quipped: process won’t transmute a dumb idea into success.

Now, I help internal teams deliver crucial projects and new initiatives, from creative direction to design, to production code.Let's get it done


As a child of a hospice nurse and a high energy physicist, our home was a place of both compassion and objectivity. We camped, canoed, and fished the BWCA with our extended family, dogs, and friends.

Now, I inflict the great outdoors on anyone willing to embrace fresh walleye or cowboy coffee for breakfast. At home, I make unneccessarily complex meals and read a lot.

I have lived in Chicago, San Francisco, San Mateo, and now reside in Lincoln, Nebraska.


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